So, You got rejected huh? 🤔

Don’t worry we got you. ;)

We connect startup founders who are applying to accelerators like YC with mentors who have successfully completed these programs to better your chances. We also offer curated resources, warm intros to investors, and small cohorts to learn from other founders in your shoes. You are not alone!

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Rejection letter from YC full of memes from Will Smith, Shaq, Tobey, Jim, Michael and more!

Why we doing this?

The purpose of YC Rejects is to help startups around the world get into YC, TechStars, Village Global, EF and other incubators.

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For Founders 🚀

Startup founders like you can use tips on getting into incubator programs so you can succeed. You benefit from:

• Warm intros to investors and curated resources to help your company grow

• Early networking opportunity with potential customers, partners and investors

Coming Soon: Small group coaching, office hours & speaker series

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Bunch of top founders from Silicon Valley and other places
A bunch of alumni from around the world

For Alumni 🎓

Alumni of these programs benefit because they get:

• To give back to founders who were once in their shoes

• Find partners, customers, and investment opportunities

• Grow their network

Are you an Alumni?

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This guy got rejected by YC too probably maybe

It’s not the end, so don’t feel so sad. 😉

We’re here to help. Just sign up the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Good luck on your startup!

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